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ROTAX Aircraft Engines:

   ROTAX 447 UL
   ROTAX 503 UL
   ROTAX 582 UL
   ROTAX 912 UL /A /F
   ROTAX 912 ULS /S
   ROTAX 915 iS /iSc
   ROTAX 912 iS /iSc Sport
   ROTAX 914 UL /F

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ROTAX Aircraft Engines 3D Models

You can send a request to download three-dimensional models of ROTAX aircraft engines and accessories. All three-dimensional models are free and are available in two file formats: *. Igs (IGES) and *. Stp (STEP). Both file formats are supported by most modern three-dimensional CAD packages (SolidWorks, Unigrafics, CATIA, etc.)

For links to files of three-dimensional models, please send an e-mail in the free form at aleksey.borodulya@gmail.com .

ROTAX 912 (series) and parts

ROTAX 912 (series)

External generator


Engine suspension frame

ROTAX 912 iS (series) and parts

ROTAX 912iS (series) and parts

ROTAX 914 (series) and parts

ROTAX 914 (series)
External generator

ROTAX 915 iS (series) and parts

ROTAX 915 iS (series) and parts

Exhaust system 973380

Exhaust system 973380

Радиатор (Rotax 912, Rotax 914) 997083

Radiator 997083
Radiator retrofit kit

Oil radiators 886000, 886002 and 886004 (Rotax 912, Rotax 912 iS, Rotax 914)

Oil radiator 886000

Oil radiator 886002

Oil radiator 886004

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