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   ROTAX 447 UL
   ROTAX 503 UL
   ROTAX 582 UL
   ROTAX 912 UL /A /F
   ROTAX 912 ULS /S
   ROTAX 915 iS /iSc
   ROTAX 912 iS /iSc Sport
   ROTAX 914 UL /F

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Aviagamma Contact Us

Postal address (for correspondence only)
P.O. Box 39
127572 Moscow Russia

Our office address
Russia, Moscow,
The 104-th Km of MKAD, 8 stroyeniye A. The first entrance to the building.
GPS coordinates: 55.80953, 37.836399

By public transport
Metro station «Shchelkovskaya», the first car from the center.
The exit from the station to the right, into the underpass and turn right up to the ground.
Turn left and walk along the highway Schelkovskoye Shosse 100 meters to the bus stop.
Travel by bus number 133, 283, 716, 760 to the stop «Zavod Hromotron» (second stop).
Some bus stop name is declared as «MKAD» (Moscow Ring Road), be careful!
Go down to the mall and along it, in the course of the bus, walk to the corner and turn right along the shop «Metro» to pass to the target (brown office building).

The office working hours (for customer service)
Monday–Thursday: 10:00 AM till 5:00PM, lunchtime 1:00 PM до 2:30 PM.
For your convenience, it is recommended to agree in advance the time and purpose of the visit.

+7 (495) 514–53–51
+7 (926) 526–50–21 (technical support)


The company management:

  • Vladimir Andriycguk — General Manager;
  • Dmitry Petrov — Technical Director.

Anna, sales manager
+7 (968) 725–45–01

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Aleksey Borodulya

Webdesign and website support:
Alexey Borodulya
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