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ROTAX Aircraft Engines:

   ROTAX 447 UL
   ROTAX 503 UL
   ROTAX 582 UL
   ROTAX 912 UL /A /F
   ROTAX 912 ULS /S
   ROTAX 915 iS /iSc
   ROTAX 912 iS /iSc Sport
   ROTAX 914 UL /F

Technical Information:

   ROTAX and Aviagamma
Technical Documentation
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   ROTAX Aircraft Engines
3D Models

   ROTAX Aircraft Engines
Outline Drawings

   Our Articles, Tips and FAQ
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   Image Gallery.
Vehicles, equipped with ROTAX Aircraft Engines

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Technical Information

ROTAX and Aviagamma
Technical Documentation

This section is available on Russian only

ROTAX original documentation in German, you can download from the official website www.flyrotax.com (section Technical Publications).

This section contains Russian-language documents issued and approved by the JSC Aviagamma for better understanding and evaluation, but it should be noted that the original German text is a priority.

In addition, a list of documents available for download from the official website www.flyrotax.com. The list is constantly updated: you can always be aware of the latest recommendations of the manufacturer.

ROTAX Aircraft Engines
3D Models

3D Models

You can send a request to download three-dimensional models of ROTAX aircraft engines and accessories. All three-dimensional models are free and are available in two file formats: *. Igs (IGES) and *. Stp (STEP). Both file formats are supported by most modern three-dimensional CAD packages (SolidWorks, Unigrafics, CATIA, etc.)

For links to files of three-dimensional models, please send an e-mail in the free form at aleksey.borodulya@gmail.com .

ROTAX Aircraft Engines
Outline Drawings

Outline Drawings

You can download or look at the outline drawings of ROTAX aircraft engines and accessories. All drawings are available in two file formats:

*.DXF – Drawing Interchange Format. It is a universal format for electronic drawings. These files can be opened (and work with) in any system of CAD or most vector graphics programs.

*.DXF – Graphics Interchange Format. If you are unable to use our drawing in electronic form or want to read before you download it, you can just see a picture of a drawing. Once you click the link to the file *.GIF, image drawing opens in your browser window.

Our Articles, Tips and FAQ
(Russian only)

Our Articles, Tips and FAQ

Here we publish a variety of articles that will interest both ROTAX engine operator and developers of aircraft.

Subsection «How to avoid repair» contains information on a сompetently designed power plant and operate the engine, and in the end — to avoid premature repair.

Why the engine develops maximum speed? Constantly torn carburetor mounting flanges on the 100-horsepower engine. The reason? Can we use the car ignition key instead of ignition switch? The answers to these questions and more — in the section FAQ.

Image Gallery. Vehicles, equipped with ROTAX Aircraft Engines

Image Gallery. Vehicles, equipped with ROTAX Aircraft Engines

Gallery contains pictures of devices equipped with ROTAX aircraft engines (not aircrafts only!).

You can send us photos of your vehicles with ROTAX engines (with brief summary), and we will publish them in our gallery.

Please write to the webmaster email address aleksey.borodulya@gmail.com

Flight schools and ROTAX dealer locator

If you as a flight school or ROTAX service (repair) center provider want to be included in the flight school or dealer locator at the official ROTAX website www.flyrotax.com, please contact us and provide the following data:

1. Type (flight school, aeroclub, instructor) (service center, repair center, authorized serviceman)
2. Name
3. Phone
4. Country
5. Full address with postal code
6. Website
7. Email
8. GPS position data in хх.хххххх format

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