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   ROTAX 912 ULS /S
   ROTAX 915 iS /iSc
   ROTAX 912 iS /iSc Sport
   ROTAX 914 UL /F

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Meet, ROTAX!

ROTAX kart engines and karts


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Meet, ROTAX!

BRP is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles and powersports engines.

BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG, commonly known simply as ROTAX, is a subsidiary of BRP, specialises in the development and production of drive systems for products in the powersports industry..

ROTAX today

ROTAX manufactures high-tech premium engines.

Rotax 4-TEC Snowmobile engines

Rotax 2-TEC Snowmobile engines

Rotax 4-TEC Marine engines

Rotax 4-TEC ATV engines

Rotax 4-TEC Roadster engines

Rotax 4-TEC Motorbike engines

Rotax 2-TEC Kart engines and karts

ROTAX 2- and 4-stroke aircraft engines

Rotax Industrial engines

ROTAX engines are the result of years of combined knowledge and expertise and offer unlimited pleasure to those who use them. ROTAX drive systems are at the heart of our powersports vehicles.

They ensure optimal power, strength, efficiency and reliability and offer an unbeatable riding experience.


BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG
Rotaxstrasse 1, Postfach 5
4623 Gunskirchen
Phone: +43 7246 601-0
Fax: +43 7246 601-6370

ROTAX history

LOHNERCompany history began in 1920, when (Germany) ROTAX-WERK AG was founded in Dresden. In 1943 the company moved to neighboring Austria in Wells, and after World War II settled in suburban Gunskirhene where and operates to this day.

ROTAX gained international fame in 1950, when the company Lohnerwerke GmbH began production scooter LOHNER. While ROTAX-WERK AG, the subsidiary company Lohnerwerke GmbH, supplying two-stroke engines for this legendary scooter. While LOHNER became one of the main means of transportation in the cities of post-war Austria.

Ski-Doo, 1962 г.Late fifties snowmobile inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier realized his childhood dream: he founded in 1942, the firm L’Auto-Neige Bombardier (today — the corporation Bombardier Inc.) and began mass production of snowmobiles. J.-A. Bombardier began looking for a suitable engine for their vehicles Ski-Doo, and in 1962, he opted for the engines ROTAX. After eight years of successful collaboration, a Canadian corporation incorporated company ROTAX into its structure. The company later changed its name to Bombardier-ROTAX, then — BRP-ROTAX, and finally today the company is officially called BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG..

Except engines for snowmobiles, in the seventies ROTAX produces a lot of motorcycle engines of Motocross and Enduro series. By the end of the decade it was made more than 2 million units. Until the eighties ROTAX produced only two-stroke engines. In 1982 it announced the first four-stroke motorcycle engine.

ROTAX 912 ULIn the early eighties in the U.S. emerged and began to quickly develop a new market: the small private aircraft with low cost — ultralights. ROTAX responds quickly to new trends and in 1982 began the production of light, reliable aircraft engines. Over the past three decades ROTAX firmly won its leading position in the market for aircraft engines trikes, ultralights and apparatus class VLA («very light aircraft»). More than 100,000 two- and four-stroke aircraft engine ROTAX have been produced up to now..

Currently, except for motorcycle, aircraft engines, and engines for snowmobiles, the company produces ROTAX engines for jet skis and boats SEA-DOO, as well as ground-based gasoline engines for fire pumps, agricultural installations, etc. Total production has exceeded six million engines.


Rotax (rotary axle) production starts established in Dresden, Germany


Operations are relocated to Wels, Austria


Rotax Werk AG moves to Gunskirchen near Wels


Lohnerwerke Ges.m.b.H. takes over the stock majority


Start of production of ROTAX engines for Ski-Doo snowmobiles


Bombardier takes over ROTAX (first acquisition)


The first aircraft engine has been certified


Start of production of ROTAX engines for Aprilia motorcycles


ROTAX has started designing a new ROTAX 912


Start of production of ROTAX engines for Sea-Doo personal watercraft


ROTAX 912A has been certified


Start of production of ROTAX engines for BMW motorcycles


ROTAX 912F has been certified


ROTAX 914F has been certified


ROTAX 912S has been certified


Start of production of ROTAX engine for Bombardier ATV


Start of the ROTAX Quality Production System (RQPS)


First ROTAX 4-stroke engine out of the 4-TEC platform for Sea-Doo


First ROTAX 2-stroke engine with electronic injection out of the 2-TEC platform for Ski-Doo


Introduction of the ROTAX kart RM1 with innovative direct drive


Bombardier Inc. sold Recreational Products Group. Start of BRP Inc.


Total of 6 Mio. ROTAX engines produced


Launch of Can–Am Roadster Spyder


New ROTAX 912 iS has been announced


ROTAX 912 iS Sport has been announced


ROTAX 915 iS has been announced
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